The Minswap protocol currently has two types of tokens:
MIN token: The governance token of the protocol with future utility. MINt token: A token that can be converted to MIN through usage of the protocol. Please read the following document for the detailed mechanics. MINt token conversion will be available one month after the launch of our Yield Farms, meaning on the 14th of April 2022.
The Minswap Token Distribution is the following:

Yield Farming

The Yield Farming Emission Schedule until mid August will be the following:
1st month (16th March 2022 to 16th April) : 1.2% total supply = 60 million MIN ≈ 2,000,000 daily. 2nd month (16th April 2022 to 16th May) : 1.1% total supply = 55 million MIN ≈ 1,833,333 daily 3rd month (16th May 2022 to 16th June) : 1% total supply = 50 million MIN ≈ 1,666,666 daily. 4th month (16th June 2022 to 16th July) : 0.9% total supply = 45 million MIN ≈ 1,500,000 daily. 5th month (16th July 2022 to 16th August) : 0.8% total supply = 40 million MIN ≈ 1,333,333 daily.
In total, to bootstrap liquidity and to ensure early supporters of Minswap are maximally rewarded, 5% of total supply has been allocated towards Yield Farming in the first 5 months. In July, the schedule will be adjusted. We welcome any community input regarding pools that could be added and schedule adjustment in our Forum.

Token Vesting Schedules

Tokens from the team will be locked for the first 6 months after the launch of the protocol, meaning they will not be accessible to team members during that time. After that time period, Team tokens will vest linearly during the next 2.5 years.
Regarding the 10% of total supply of tokens from the development fund, please note 0.5% of them were allocated to our public sale at the price of 1 ADA equals 40 MIN. 4% of these tokens will be unlocked at launch and the remaining 5.5% will vest in the same schedule as team tokens (6 months cliff and 2.5 years linear).
The DAO Treasury has an allocation of 6% of total supply. To bootstrap liquidity on the DEX, 2% of this supply has been allocated to our Liquidity Bootstrapping. All LP tokens obtained from this event and the remaining MIN tokens from the DAO treasury will be locked away for 6 months until a DAO treasury manager contract is implemented.
Additionally, the current circulating supply before the launch of our DEX for MIN is 50 million MIN tokens. 25 million are from the public sale and the other 25 million are from the FISO. The current circulating supply for MINt tokens is 100 million MINt from the FISO.