With the upcoming release of Alonzo, there will be a lot of innovative projects looking for a place to initially distribute their tokens. There will also be lots of DeFi users looking for a place to trade new tokens as well as support their favorite projects. This is the premise of Minswap - a multi-pool automated market maker. What is multi-pool, anyway? It means that there can be multiple pricing functions for one single pair, for example constant-product function, StableSwap invariant, Kyber's DMM function, etc. The trading interface will compute and route to the most efficient pools.


    Fair Distribution: MIN tokens are distributed fairly to protocol participants and early adopters.
    Yield Farming: MIN tokens are rewarded to liquidity providers who stake their liquidity pool tokens.
    Launchpool: Supporting new projects in Cardano ecosystem with Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Initial Farm Offering (IFO).
    Permissionless: Anybody can list tokens without permission. Anybody can trade tokens without KYC.
    Community First: All trading fees go directly to liquidity providers. MIN token holders can vote democratically on protocol changes.
    Ethereum Compatible: With ERC-20 Converter, users can trade Ethereum tokens at much lower fees.
    Stake Pool Operators Support: Minswap supports the SPOs by a community-oriented ADA delegation policy and automatic native token fees conversion. (more details in FAQ)


    Q2 2021: Fundraising, Constant-Product Pool, Testnet
    Q3 2021: Mainnet, Security Audit, Liquidity Mining, Initial DEX Offering (IDO), Initial Farm Offering (IFO)
    Q4 2021: Stable Pool
    Q1 2022: Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Community Governance

Token Distribution

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