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DAO Treasury POL

Since the days of the Meteor LBE, Minswap Labs has focused on the importance of the DeFi concept of "Protocol-Owned Liquidity" (POL). In essence, it means a protocol owning its own liquidity, in the case of the Minswap DEX, it would for instance be if the DAO Treasury owned and managed MIN/ADA LP tokens.
Currently, there are 3 sources for the DAO Treasury POL:
  1. 1.
    Meteor Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE): Minswap was the first Protocol on Cardano to embrace POL through the Meteor LBE. The LBE ensured a fair and transparent way to determine the initial price of the MIN/ADA price, while enabling the DAO Treasury to keep 50% of the LP Tokens generated from the event. These MIN/ADA LP Tokens are currently not Yield Farming, however they passively accumulate Trading Fees from swaps.
  2. 2.
    Launchbowl Events: following the success of the Meteor LBE, Minswap Labs also offers this service for projects to launch new tokens on the DEX through the Minswap Launchbowl. As part of facilitating this service, a Fee in the LP Tokens generated in the Event is taken for the Minswap DAO Treasury. So far, INDY/ADA and MCOS/ADA LP Tokens were earned by the DAO Treasury as part of a Fee for facilitiating Launchbowl Events for Indigo Protocol and Mocossi. These LP Tokens generate both Trading Fees and Farming rewards.
  3. 3.
    Fee Switch: the Fee Switch was activated following the DAO vote on the activation of the "Fee Switch". The mechanism was active for 10 months and accumulated 1.1mn ADA worth of $MIN/$ADA LP Tokens until is was ended to redicrec the Fee Switch towards $MIN Staking.
  4. 4.
    Batcher Fees: with the start of $MINomics V2 it was decided that 50% of the $ADA in Batcher Fees generated each month will be redirected towards a DAO wallet.

DAO Treasury POL Addresses

The addresses for the LP Tokens are the following:
  • 1 - MIN/ADA LP Tokens from Meteor LBE: addr1q9wz03xdpasq5t7tv4vvqyw9frhz2x9862ct3xyh697pfwjj2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pqyk6dej
  • 2 - INDY/ADA LP Tokens (staked in Yield Farming): addr1q9gxe8vx0kvv5g6gv4n5wmsxexjqsjftc599qqcp2vkmmwh7snv5yhw2qqvdev3c7wn6s3xhrnx25eg6zcqjxj9vrv2s0e38ze
  • 2 - MCOS/ADA LP Tokens (staked in Yield Farming): addr1q9gxe8vx0kvv5g6gv4n5wmsxexjqsjftc599qqcp2vkmmwh7snv5yhw2qqvdev3c7wn6s3xhrnx25eg6zcqjxj9vrv2s0e38ze
  • 3 - MIN/ADA LP Tokens from Fee Switch: addr1qx40kyvkgdxtsdladusny09r0vczmlmrsl52sjel528674jj2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pqg82qtn
  • 4 - Batcher Fees addr1qxymvaeg3306xyp6yk3mjdj7usp40x2e5cecsh75xw5tsczj2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pqjx0th5
The Value of these LP Tokens obviously varies as do the prices of the Tokens. Please stay updated on the Minswap Twitter page and on the Minswap Monthly Stats, where we share a monthly summary that includes the value of the DAO Treasury Assets.