Zap-In is a feature on the Minswap DEX that simplifies Liquidity Provision. Zap-In allows users to add liquidity with only one token and one single click, without need to do further manual swapping or token balancing.

Zap-In works the following way: when zapping a single token into a Liquidity-Pool, what happens is that the the one token provided will automatically be swapped to balance the trading pair to a 50/50 split before adding liquidity.

This enables anyone to become a Liquidity Provider, by only needing one token. What happens is that half of the provided tokens just get swapped to the other token part of the chosen Liquidity Pool, and then they are added to the Liquidity Pool so the user swapping becomes a 50/50 Liquidity Provider.

Please note that when you are Zapping a said token, essentially you are selling half of the amount you Zap for the other token part of the Trading Pair.

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