$MIN Tokenomics

The Minswap protocol currently has two types of tokens:
MIN token: The governance token of the protocol with utility. MINt token: A token that can be converted to MIN through usage of the protocol. Please read the following document and FAQ for the detailed mechanics. MINt token conversion will be available one month after the launch of our Yield Farms, meaning on the 14th of April 2022.
The Minswap Token Distribution is the following:

$MIN Utility

In the first article of the $MINomics Series, $MINomics Research Part 1: Exploring Tokenomic Models and Revenue Sources, a series of ideas for improvements on the role of the $MIN token wiithin the Minswap DEX were put forward.
As the first step of those initiatives, $ADA Staking rewards were implemented towards LPs, a Launchbowl Event was launched to increase POL (Protocol-Owned Liquidity), and the Trading Fee Discount for $MIN Holders was implemented.
Further improvements toward the tokenomics will be implemented progressively and with the input of the community every step of the way. The last initative was the activation of the Fee Switch (with input from the DAO through the first ever Snapshot Vote)