Token Allocations & Vesting

For information on vesting on Yield Farming, please go to the subsection of Yield Farming.

Tokens from the Core Team were locked for the first 6 months after the launch of the protocol (March 8th 2022), meaning they were not accessible to team members during that time. After that time period, Team tokens vest linearly during the next 2.5 years.

Regarding the 10% of total supply of tokens from the Development Fund, please note 0.5% of them were allocated already. 4% of these tokens was unlocked at launch and the remaining 5.5% will vest in the same schedule as team tokens (6 months cliff and 2.5 years linear).

The DAO Treasury has an allocation of 6% of total supply. To bootstrap liquidity on the DEX, 2% of this supply was allocated to the Liquidity Bootstrapping Event.

0.2% of the 1.5% of $MIN Tokens for Incentives/Partnerships were allocated for the 2 testnet incentivisation campaigns.

Token Addresses

  • Core Team wallet: addr1zymeshes0pxnr2s4v95a4wchxs74l0lqt5n3f6rxynnepgjj2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pq64anuz

  • Development Fund wallet: addr1z87vw6ts32hywu4j4kyk9qfgd36zhzx3y7fc786vgzlc57zj2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pq9rwl7c

  • DAO Treasury wallet: (this wallet is only for $MIN tokens, please see DAO Treasury POL) addr1z9wdv59sq7zzy2l6gchq3247lz7ssfsxs45nj4njhwsp5uzj2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pqzygnta

  • Incentives & Partnerships wallet: addr1z9mjhq5c4s0smv2c92g9yvecpju3p8cfaneu8jzwq97ry62j2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pqw9pw55

  • Yield Farming wallet: addr1zx0wxal6dz7rjzxk2mwfvj9564rp9uajqrscftx44tp6ha6j2c79gy9l76sdg0xwhd7r0c0kna0tycz4y5s6mlenh8pq83j9cv

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