2. CoinMarketCap Tracking

As was announced in the beginning of July on our Twitter, Cardano Native Tokens no longer need to list on a CEX to get tracked on CoinMarketCap, projects can list their tokens on Minswap DEX to get tracked automatically on CMC.

How does it work?

1. First, go to Submit a request on CMC and submit your token for listing. The process should be pretty quick if you provide all information correctly.

2. Second, when you apply, on the Contract Address field, you need to fill in the concatenation of your policy ID and asset name in hex format. This is important to correctly map your token and Minswap price feeds data. You can see the below snippet for an example:

Example with MIN Token

Lets have a look at the Minswap Token for an example. Minswap token (MIN): https://cardanoscan.io/token/29d222ce763455e3d7a09a665ce554f00ac89d2e99a1a83d267170c64d494e Policy ID: 29d222ce763455e3d7a09a665ce554f00ac89d2e99a1a83d267170c6 Asset name (hex): 4d494e => Contract address: 29d222ce763455e3d7a09a665ce554f00ac89d2e99a1a83d267170c64d494e

An easy way to get the contract address is to look at the Cardanoscan URL of your token.

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